Tuesday, December 12, 2006

About Loud Citizen

Paul Klenk, self portrait
Loud Citizen is published by me, Paul Klenk, a writer, musician, artist, and occasional citizen journalist living in New York City’s Hamilton Heights, Harlem. I am an Executive Assistant by profession, and have many interests and hobbies. My views are informed by the good news of Jesus Christ.

HISTORY | The moniker ‘Loud Citizen’ originated with Kevin Conner of Florida, who published LoudCitizen.com during the election recount of 2000 to rally against Al Gore’s failed attempt to steal the election. He cleverly created Yahoo eGroups for each state, threading together many supporters nationwide, and I moderated the New York group. I also stood in Times Square alone for hours almost every night, holding a large Sore Loserman sign, a parody of the Gore/Lieberman logo designed by FreeRepublic.com user and artist Registered. My ‘Lone Rallyer of Times Square’ campaign began near the beginning of the dispute, sometimes in view of live Web cams for audiences connecting from Free Republic, and continued until its resolution on December 12, 2000. On Inauguration Day, we gathered in Washington, D.C. to celebrate our victory and to provide media optics to counter the many anti-Bush protests organized by the sore losers. Kevin secured our group a permit for a premium spot, the steps of the Supreme Court, where George Bush’s rightful election victory was vindicated by the facts and the law, presented convincingly and peaceably in the courts. We had speakers, and I led the crowd in singing God Bless America and other songs with Kevin’s megaphone. The Washington Post featured a large color photo of us in its weekend edition, including me in my gold plaid coat and green hat,

I credit Kevin with involving me in practical, effective citizen activism fueled by calm, intelligence, persistent work, and respect for the law.  Thanks, Kevin.
A CONTINUING MISSION |  My efforts were revived in the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign and will continue through his two presidential terms. Now it is more important for ever to use peaceful, calm, citizen activism to preserve the United States of America. As the left continues to descend further and further in its epic meltdown, we are seeing a frenzied, mob-like spread of chaos and fear, the repression of free speech in universities and social media, and organized violence through groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The Web is our most powerful platform to neutralize and shed light on the leftist media’s (hopefully) final attempt to use deceptive reporting to defeat Constitutional rule, the will of the people, and the very concept of citizenship, borders, and national sovereignty.


Anonymous said...

I was one of Kevin's main contacts in CA. I miss him and the group very much. We sure could have used his ability to rally the troops during the govt shutdown.