“Loud Anagrams” by Paul Klenk

2/14/11 | “Valentine’s Day = Deliver Satan candy”
                 (Rosie Perera)

2/6/10 | “The President of the USA, Ronald Wilson Reagan =
He was an outstanding old person, I rather feel” (David Bourke)
On the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan
2/5/10 | “Michelle Obama, Obesity Czar = I, crazy lib, became loathsome”
Michelle Obama under fire for mentioning daughter Malia's weight during obesity remarks
2/4/10 | “Andrew Breitbart = Writer nabbed rat.”

“BigJournalism.com = Bug criminals’ mojo.”

“Blumenthal = Numb/lethal”
The Wheels Come Off for Salon and Blumenthal as Weigel Issues ‘Clarification’ of O’Keefe Event

“Barack Hussein Obama = Skin! Aroma! Such a babe!”

“Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky = A C.I.A. mink and wild, sloppy intern”

“Senator Hillary = Another sly liar”

“Hillary Legal Defense Fund = Shall fuel legendary fiend”

“An excellent anagram = can relax a gentleman”

“Gourmet = More gut”

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– All anagrams by Paul Klenk (unless otherwise attributed) using Wordsmith.org’s Internet Anagram Server (“I, rearrangement servant”). Most attributed anagrams originate from Anagrammy.com.