Monday, December 28, 2009

Breitbart announces January 6 launch

Today, Andrew Breitbart announced that January 6 is the date he will launch He stated this when guest-hosting for Dennis Miller on his radio show this morning.

Earlier, Mr. Breitbart had announced a January debut, but not until today has he stated the exact date, at least not to my knowledge.

Earlier this year, he launched BigHollywood and, and has stated he has quietly bought up other domains such as BigEU, BigJerusalem, BigSoros, BigEducation, BigTolerance, and BigEnvironment.

My own research reveals that he has purchased other domains that have not been announced or mentioned elsewhere. Some of these include BigDemocrat, BigAcademics, BigWelfare, and the eponymous BigBreitbart. I believe there are several others.

When launching this fall, Mr. Breitbart broke the now-notorious story about the corrupt ACORN organization, with a series of videos and transcripts. He serialized the story by releasing the videos in a slow drip, which snared ACORN in lie after lie.

He did not state today whether he has a journalism-related story to break on January 6, nor did he mention the identity of the BigJournalism’s editor.