Saturday, January 23, 2010

NYPD’s Ray Kelly quietly drops an anvil on Obama,
to thunderous applause by young New York GOPers

Raymond W. Kelly’s remarks Thursday to The New York Young Republican Club started out sounding very boilerplate – like a speech by any of the City’s mayors, police officials, and tourism execs: “Crime is down, tourism is up, come to Times Square and see a show.” So why had the NY Post’s Maggie Haberman announced his appearance as “unusual” and “surprising”?

By the time it was over, it was clear why. We had witnessed this politically independent, world-class police commissioner quietly employ a few dry statistics and facts to slide an anvil off a ledge, allowing gravity to deliver its full weight upon Barack Obama’s head.

New York, “a shining city upon a hill,” has just surpassed Orlando as the number one tourist destination in America, we learn from Mr. Kelly. It is a city so increasingly safe that when crime is rising elsewhere, we are setting new low records for murders-per-million. But it is still under such a severe and constant threat that its streets are crawling, at any given moment, with 1500 to 2000 highly sophisticated radiation detectors, and crammed with live-monitored surveillance cameras downtown (and soon to reach to 60th Street).

A city evidently so safe, prepared, and teeming with carefree tourists that the President of the United States has unilaterally decided it should – no, must – play host to terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s upcoming “criminal” trial in lower Manhattan. Obama, hiding behind the singularly unserious Eric Holder, has recklessly painted an enormous target on NYC’s back, and feverishly directed the attention of our most lethal enemies to its bull’s-eye – against the wishes of its residents and leaders.

“We were not consulted,” Kelly said tersely of the decision. He stated that the trial “will raise the threat level of this city,” a threat that “will not fade any time soon.” And it affects more than lower Manhattan, we learned. “We will have to look at the entire city as a potential target.”

The audience was stunned. Then Kelly opened the floor to questions.

Every audience response which followed – if my memory and others’ is correct – was about terrorism in general and the KSM trial in particular.

One man asked about neighborhood block-watching, especially in light of the unmarked van that recently went unnoticed in Times Square for at least two days. We were assured such strategies are still relevant, and that Kelly and the City are tuned into citizen input. A woman in the audience confirmed the City’s credibility in this regard. She related that after witnessing suspicious activity, she was greeted with ho-hums (and zero follow-up) by every Federal agency she notified, but was taken very seriously by NYPD, and assured that her report was being sent straight to intel. It was obvious who is listening to 3 a.m. calls, and who is snoozing.

The evening’s high point occurred when Marion D.S. Dreyfus rose to her feet and literally begged Kelly to advise the crowd what we could all do – in addition to our unheeded calls and letters – to force Obama to scrap his KSM & Co. showcase in lower Manhattan. Her question sparked thunderous applause from the young professionals.

Kelly’s answer included a faint “Ray” of hope: Michael Isikoff’s recent Newsweek report of whispers that the trial plan is “potentially in jeopardy.” Isikoff had made this known well before the January 19 Senate Dem-olition, so in the post-Brown climate, what senior officials were leaking anonymously may soon appear on the record. It cannot help that lower Manhattan’s Community Board 1 is likely to unanimously reject the trial next week, and demand that Holder move it to a non-residential location.

What does Ray Kelly know that Obama, Holder, and Napolitano don’t? Clearly, a great deal. The Vietnam combat veteran and gifted security heavyweight is celebrated and trusted by the people responsible for keeping New York safe – at least those outside this administration. This cannot be said of Team Obama.

Club president Lynn Krogh, likely unaware what Kelly was planning to say, had reminded her members moments earlier that Scott Brown’s Tuesday victory is proof of the people’s power in 2010, and that what happened in Massachusetts can happen in New York. Let’s hope the crowd recognized that this includes the power to shake the White House out of its current coma, so it abandons its outrageous plan to endanger us all for ideology’s sake.


Unknown said...

Pres Zero cares little about New Yorkers, he already got what he wanted from youseguys - your votes, now he thumbs his nose at you and says "screw you."

george11 said...

When will New York voters throw out Chuck Schumer? He not only is wrong in principle but he also endangers the lives of his constiuency with his support of Obama. The voters of Massachusetts made a decision of who would best serve them. New York state needs their own champion to put Schumer out to pasture.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that "Typhoid Barry"' is having such a bad week. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Give em hell Ray!

Unknown said...

It can be done. Mass. then. NY now has the lowdown on Schumer. Sign up now

Unknown said...

Just remember who did this, when a thousand militant muslims start acting up in New York.

They are already there, they just need a little encouraging, like a hero on trial.

Understand that this is an intentional act by Obama to overload the system and create intentional anarchy in your great city.

Patsplace said...

Colonel Raymond Kelly (USMC Ret.) would not say or be a part of something that he had not thought out in detail. He is to be listened to and in matters of NY Security, Obeyed.

Your Nation's Capital said...

The true danger in bringing the KSM circus to New York is the inevitable Federalization of the NYPD. I've seen cost estimates of $400 million for seurity etc. (a number I believe to be at least $600 milion short of the eventual actual cost).

Once the money starts flowing from DC, so will the requests and then orders for changes in procedures and policy. Ray Kelly will be forced out at some point, and a Napolitano crony installed.

Ray is well aware of this too.