Sunday, February 13, 2011

Web searchers ask, “How did Joshua Goldberg die?”
while countless blog tributes reveal how he lived

Readers grieve for Josh with tributes, prayers, and questions

You may be interested to learn that Web site publishers can see the key words you enter in your Google searches that link you to us. Since yesterday, site visits from all 50 states and over 20 foreign countries reveal that you are wondering, “How did Joshua Goldberg die?”
In response to your unspoken inquiries, I can only tell you that he sustained fatal injuries in a fall; no other specifics have been made public. The major New York and Washington newspapers have not even mentioned his death on their Web sites, and none of the many blog tributes published in the last day contain new information. (I do not know the family, and have made no attempt to contact them.)

Joshua John Zalman
Goldberg (1967-2011)
was laid to rest today by his family.
Note that Joshua’s many admirers are not speculating about his death online; nor do I intend to. They are mourning his loss, and offering warm and generous tributes, but are also simply wondering how he died as they grieve. Again, we know very little, so we will have to wait patiently and let the family share further details in their own time, as they are able.

What do we know? Since the initial announcement by his mother yesterday, Saturday, February 12, we have learned that Josh passed away two days previously, on Thursday, February 10. His brother Jonah informed us that Josh was injured “a few days” before his death and remained in the hospital until the end. Give or take a day, that would date the fall most likely on Monday, February 7 — possibly a day before or after. No doubt since that terrible event, the family’s primary occupation has been caring for Josh and each other, and making arrangements for today’s burial.

Further, Jonah has informed us that the fall was accidental. His mother, Lucianne Goldberg, had already reassured us that Josh did not suffer, which is a comfort to everyone. That’s the best update I can provide right now.

Curiosity aside, it is gratifying to read the many online tributes which focus not on how Josh died, but how he lived. His run for City Council, his work at Ground Zero, and his countless patient e-mails to users and Lbloggers at BLL are well documented by the many who loved him. Rather than summarize these accounts, I thought I’d link to as many as I can find, and let you read for yourselves about this young man’s intelligence, humility, enterprising nature, passion for good government, and unfailing graciousness towards others. It is clear by reading them that they are genuine, and paint a consistent portrait of Josh. Feel free to send me links to your own or others’ tributes for inclusion here.

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Lastly, I include a video of cantor Simon Cohen’s magnificent performance of “Hallelu Avdie” from the Seder Vilna, recorded live with choir and orchestra in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was shared today by the staff of Lcom, with this statement:
“In a search for appropriate music for this, the day of Joshua’s burial, all we could find was tragic, heavy, depressing prayers for the dead. We thought this was more appropriate and more like Josh, uplifting, beautiful and full of life. Good bye, Joshua. We loved you so.”

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(This article is a follow up to Saturday’s post, Joshua Goldberg, a “Johnny Appleseed for conservative American blogs,” dies at 43.)


Office Angel said...

I'm sure Lucianne thinks the Clintons killed Joshua Goldberg or did she push him off the ledge?

G.R. said...

Another sick liberal. You don’t know a low you won’t slither down to.