Thursday, April 28, 2011

With clever use of stickers, Jerome Corsi revises
title and cover of “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”

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With lightning speed, author Jerome Corsi responded Wednesday to new market realities by smartly revising the title and cover design of his new book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” His inspiration was President Obama’s public release of his birth certificate.

Unfortunately, since the book has already gone to press, Corsi had to resort to stickers to accomplish this before its May 17 publication.

By exing out the ‘W’ of Where’s, and placing a red exclamation point sticker over the question mark in the title, he kept pace with current events by changing the book’s title to the more triumphant “Here’s the Birth Certificate!” The word ‘not’ in the subtitle has been covered with a smiley face sticker, reversing its meaning, and conveying the joy millions are feeling now that the birth question is a non-issue.

The best news for readers is the book’s new low price, $2.59, which is 90% below retail. This, too, required a sticker.

The final addition to his hardcover edition will be a copy of the birth certificate folded and inserted inside the back cover, for the benefit of people without access to the Internet or television.

By taking these measures, the economically savvy Corsi demonstrated that he knows how to avoid having a book remaindered even before it hits bookshelves: Market it as satire.

The big problem, critics are pointing out, is the body of the work. Corsi dismissed this by pointing out that no one actually reads such books anyway.

Authors and publishers across America are praising Corsi for his cleverness, and for opening up the floodgates for their new books that focus on Obama’s failed policies, ineptness, laziness, deceit, disdain for America, and the long-term damage he is causing the country.

Corsi continued to observe his “quiet period” at home today by frantically placing stickers on book jackets, and making public statements at World Net Daily and on his Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud. Well done, chap.