Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Someone tell Ann Coulter it’s now official:
‘Demonic’ spelled backwards is ‘Democrats’

Ann Coulter’s illuminating new bestseller, Demonic, is
opening the eyes of many conservatives, while causing
the Democratic mob to gnash its teeth.
A few years ago, I stumbled on an amusing domain name: It’s ‘Illuminati’ spelled backwards — you know, the same Illuminati that has infiltrated the deepest levels of our government, gathers information on everyone, secretly runs the world, and plants microchips in our teeth. The same Illuminati which is building bunkers where its powerful and wealthy members plan to ride out any danger of radiation when the world comes to an end, while breeding and slaughtering animals, and undertaking the regrettable task of performing prodigious acts of sacrificial (ahem) service in their safe and highly stimulating new environment.

If you want to freak out your conspiracy theorist friends, or just amuse your normal friends, tell them to spell Illuminati backwards, and a ‘.com’ to the end of it, and see where it takes them. (It points to, the official Web site for the National Security Agency and the Central Security Service of the United States. The domain is owned by one John Fenley of Provo, Utah, who registered it with and just forwarded it to

Which brings me to Ann Coulter’s brilliant new book, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America (Crown Forum / Random House).

If you haven’t read it, place a bookmark in whatever you’re now reading, buy a copy of Ann’s book, and finish it before the weekend is over. Demonic is a spectacularly researched eye-opener, and its chapters on the French Revolution, followed by her singularly penetrating comparative analysis of the American Revolution, are alone worth the price.

When Ann began promoting Demonic months ago, she teased us with the promise that she had unlocked the ultimate secret to understanding the fundamental nature of the liberal personality. She wouldn’t say exactly how at the time, but we learned how once the book hit the shelves: Liberals are a violent, unthinking mob. They feel, think, act, and respond like a mob, and when you understand this, you can unravel just about any liberal conspiracy, hoax, phony claim, catch phrase, bumper sticker, or campaign slogan, and watch it crumble into dust in your hands.

I still have a third of the book to go, so I’m hoping that in the final chapters Ann will also give us the solution to neutralizing the mob and overcoming it when it becomes dangerous. Okay, she’s already hinted at this early in the book: Respond with decisive (and if necessary, deadly) force, and watch the violent cowards fold.

Once you’ve fully absorbed the book, try out Ann’s nifty code-breaker on any liberal or progressive pamphlet, meme, or news story they’re flogging. You’ll be amazed how quickly you will learn to see through their transparent and utterly baseless claims. It will change the way you think about and respond to them; it sure has helped me.

So, as a tribute to Ann and her magnum opus, the domain name (demonic spelled backwards) now points to, the official Web site of the DNC. Type it in your browser and test it for yourself.

The next time you want to freak out your crazy liberal friends, tell them to spell ‘Demonic’ backwards, add a ‘.com’ to it, and see where it leads.

(And if you know how to reach Ann, would you kindly send this message to her as well? I’m sure it would make her smile.)