Monday, January 23, 2017

In honor of The Honorable Donald J. Trump:

My view from Green Section #12 Trump’s inauguration!
I personally witnessed the swearing-in of President Donald J. Trump last Friday in Washington, D.C.,  and enjoyed the weekend there with a good friend and many amazing volunteers from Mr. Trump’s campaign. The time spent in our Capitol brought the reward of many, many stories to tell, so many that when I arrived home here in Harlem, NYC, I realized I need to write them down.

LIFE OF A WRITER: It has been some time since I’ve published regularly here at When I wrote more frequently, some of the more ‘newsy’ items were picked up by major Web sites (see “Friends and mentions” at right). One in particular was read from White House servers at hours after I posted it (guess which one by leaving a comment!). And in fact, almost six years ago, long before I imagined Mr. Trump would run for office, I published a defense of him by documenting a malicious and erroneous attack on his reputation by The Smoking Gun (Donald Trump, “Death Dodger,” avoids war service by — gasp! — common, legal, and honest methods). 

Meanwhile, since putting this site on hold, I’ve enjoyed growing success as a writer, having numerous works of original creative non-fiction and poetry published by The New York Times. I’m ready to take things to a new level, and I have enough material to stay busy for months.

So it’s back to the keyboard! In honor of the first inauguration of President Trump; as a thank you to (and in support of) him for an inspiring weekend; and, most important, to document firsthand experiences in Washington, is now officially reinaugurated with new political commentary, media analysis and criticism, and citizen reporting.

I am honored by your visit to my Web site, and hope to enrich you with truth and insight. Please follow, like, share, comment, and subscribe. And look for more articles soon!


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