Thursday, February 02, 2017

Woman’s report of harassment by Trump supporter
merely for speaking Spanish on NYC transit, 1/31/17

Below is an account of the harassment of a Spanish-speaking woman by a male Trump supporter on a Manhattan train platform, posted on Facebook two evenings ago.

In the interest of creating awareness and bringing this matter to a just conclusion, I am posting the account verbatim, with identifying details redacted. I have have also offered my friend (who posted his friend’s complaint) to assist her in identifying the person, reporting it to the authorities, and identifying the individual in the report.

If and when I reach the woman, I have the law enforcement information I need to help her report the incident. — p.k.

Date of incident: Tuesday January 31, 2017
Date of initial Facebook posting and re-posting: Tuesday January 31, 2017
City: Manhattan, NY
Location: Train platform (unspecified)

FACEBOOK POST, January 31, 2017 at 10:39 PM

“This happened to a good friend, [occupation redacted], a woman, in Manhattan today. This is real, it is happening in America, and it is being done in the name of the President of the United States.”
"Ogre-sized dude in a MAGA hat with goddamned earflaps (EARFLAPS!) just got in my face while I was on the phone with [name redacted] because I was speaking Spanish. SPANISH! You'd think that it was an affront to God the way this angry neckbeard was wargleblargling in my freaking face while all of the people on this crowded train platform, the dozens of people around us stayed completely quiet. Not one person intervened while this giant man jabbed his finger in my face and stood over me. He was so up in my personal space that the toes of his boots touched mine. Not. One. Person.

They just stood there looking scared.
This is what standing alone looks like:
Him: This is America, speak American or get out.
Me: What's that?
Him: You don't know what American is?
Me: Do you? Excuse me. ::I try to walk around him::
Him: ::blocks my path:: You're telling me you don't know what American is?
Me: It's a word denoting citizenship to these United States, but it's not a language.
I believe the word you're looking for is "English." Excuse me.
Him: ::blocks my path again:: Whatever, you dumb wetback bitch. Trump is f***ing president now so go back to wherever you were born.
Me: [City of origin redacted]?! I'd love to, but the traffic on the 95 is a shitshow at this hour. Have a great night!
Him: Lying bitch, I heard you speaking Mexican.
Me: That's not a thing. Now, if you'll please excuse me--
Me: So . . . Ecuador?
Him: Go home.
Me: Bolivia?
Him: Go home.
Me: Venezuela?
Him: Go home!
Me: Spain?
Me: South Korea? Where do you want me to go because last I checked, people speak Spanish all over the goddamned world so unless an INFANT can spread its legs at least EIGHTEEN THOUSAND F***ING MILES and be born in TWENTY PLACES AT ONCE, I highly doubt that I can go "wherever it is that they speak Spanish." Incidentally, I heard you speaking "dumbf--k." CAN YOU SHOW ME WHERE THE REPUBLIC OF DUMBF---ISTAN IS ON A MAP?
GOODNIGHT, SIR. Would one of you clear a path, please? This bridge troll is in my way and I apparently have a four hour drive to f***ing [city redacted]."


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