Sunday, September 24, 2017

#LettersToRocketMan: A Citizen’s Guide to mailing correspondence to N. Korean President Kim Jong-un

I’d like to send Rocket Man a letter. Several, actually. After researching where and how to mail them, I’m sharing what I’ve found and inviting you to mail letters, too. (Hit me up if you find better information.)

Use hashtag #LettersToRocketMan to Tweet photos of your letters. Here’s where you can start:

His Excellency Kim Jong-un
Chairman, Chosun Communist Party
c/o The Permanent Representative of the DPR of Korea to the United Nations
820 2nd Ave, Rm 13A
New York NY 10031-5421

I’ll place my personal letter in a size 6 3/4 envelope (unsealed, with the flap tucked in), and place that inside a larger size 10 envelope addressed to their office, with a request that it be delivered to Rocket Man in Pyongyang.

I would love to get a letter directly into the hands of Rocket Man, or at least the people who read his mail. (And I would really love to get a letter back!) But the U.S. Postal Service does not deliver mail to North Korea.

However, NoKo has an embassy in Beijing, China. I can mail a letter there and ask the diplomats to forward it to Rocket Man in Pyongyang. Surely getting a letter that deep inside Rocket Man’s official administration will increase my chances. Here’s the mailing address:

His Excellency Kim Jong-un
Chairman, Chosun Communist Party
c/o His Excellency Mr. Ji Jae-ryong
Embassy of the DPR of Korea
11, Ri Tan Bei Lu, Jian Guo Men Wai
Chaoyang District
100600 Beijing

I wonder how people in NoKo mail letters to him. There doesn’t seem to be a North Korean street or mailing address for KJU on the Internet. We know he lives in the Ryongsong Residence (also known as Residence No. 55) in Pyongyang. You can view the compound on Google Maps in detail. Streets are visible but not labeled.

If we could send mail directly to North Korea from the U.S., this is how we would address the envelope:

His Excellency Kim Jong-un
Chairman, Chosun Communist Party
Kumsoosan, MiAm-dong, DaeSung district
Pyong Yang

Meanwhile, I’ll aim as close as I can. Who knows, maybe Rocket Man will write back.

CORRECTIONS: The DPR Korea’s current ambassador to China is His Excellency Ji Jae-ryong, not Mr. Choe Jin-su. Jin-su was replaced by Mr. Choe Pyong Gwan, who served for six months until Jae-ryong was installed in October 2010.