Monday, September 04, 2017

A web visit from an IP address in a Google facility
more disturbing than a White House visit in 2010

This morning, someone in Googleplex, Google’s sprawling facility in Mountain View, California, visited this Web site. I know because their company name and IP address, originating from 1600 Ampitheatre Parkway, appeared in my visitor log tracked by my statistics analytics service. (See graphic below.)

Perhaps I should be pleased to see that has attracted their interest. But the increasing suppression of free speech from tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter only makes me wonder if I am on their radar like so many others.

I haven’t been this concerned since 2010, when I reported on Ray Kelly’s speech about Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s decision the host to terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s “criminal” trial in lower Manhattan.

That story not only attracted multiple visits from White House servers, but just about every branch of government and major media (see my Lucky Lotto page, where I have documented notable site visits). The morning I noticed the White House was reading my piece, I was thrilled, but also a bit nervous that someone was accessing my story from servers originating from the IP address of The Executive Office of the President,

This morning I am just as concerned, but not the least bit thrilled.

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