Sunday, September 03, 2017

Staking out identities on major social media
to break out a complete Loud Citizen brand

This week I began in earnest building a comprehensive and integrated social media platform for my LoudCitizen brand. The GAB handle @LoudCitizen is now my emergency free-speech backup for my account at Twitter, and Facebook and YouTube are now joined by many new URL identity accounts, starting, of course, with:
My new project and patron funding channels are:
The highly popular Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram are now reserved with URL-branded accounts. I am giving myself a crash course in their purposes, how they function, and how to thread them strategically into other social media (I may not use Reddit, but the handle is mine). Even my old Skype username LoudCitizen can let me make free international audio and video calls (and maybe WhatsApp can, too). As I identify additional emerging sites that are essential, valuable, or have potential, I will secure my branded accounts on them and build them into the platform.

Revised September 3, 2017