Saturday, September 02, 2017

Paul Ryan’s four-page letter proves him a madman;
rant is “one of the most alarming signs of insanity”

It’s official. Speaker Paul Ryan is insane.

I received a letter in the mail from him today on the letterhead of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The letter is dated “Monday Morning” (?) and came in a large envelope bearing a 3¢ stamp and two 1¢ stamps (depicting strawberries and peaches) but no date on the postmark — in fact, no date of any kind, anywhere in the materials.

The first page of Speaker Ryan’s letter contained a long code [000AG002392] and an urgent warning: “If for any reason the number on your State of the Nation Survey...” (which he also enclosed) “...does not match this Registration Number, contact the NRCC immediately.” Ryan is mailing us letters with codes and asking us to verify them back to his Committee. Think about that.

What was really alarming is that he ranted for four full pages. Honestly, does he think anyone reads these things? I guess he never read Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree’s observation, “Persons without a sense of humour always write long letters; and I have noticed, too, that all madmen write letters of more than four pages.” (Nothing matters, and other stories, Houghton Mifflin, 1916)

Sir Herbert called such writing “One of the most alarming signs of insanity.”

Paul Ryan really is a lunatic.

Paul Klenk


christopher jenkins said...

Im not aware of a mad rant.
But do certainly feel tbe need to bring everyone together.
Not sure why i keep trying.
Im not sure what to expect.
But anythings better...
I try to make every day better than the next.
Until tbe ocean washes up.
And my castles get destroyed.
Then i just build another.
Hell ive got 50 castles or better.
Never lose hope...

christopher jenkins said...

To speaker paul ryan.

I got hit in the face with a bat.
As a child.
Had to go back to germany and have reconstfuctive surgery on my face.

I was put into tbe ubermensch.
Its a superman machine.
Im now general zod.
In human form.
The movies are great and have far advanced the future.
The holocost etc...
Im just thankful.
To have been treated so fair.
Upon removal of the halo.
That was implanted by the cell phone hacker.
And how painless it was to get my original 3 halos reset.
In my head.
Superman... a doctor...
I would never have suspected.
That i had all of these insturments inside of me.
Im in the marine corps band.
I love the souds my body makes.


And the marine corps band...

I play ...

And the comb.

Its truly phenenominal.

My whole history is all wrapped up

Like a dna strand.

Its hard to describe.
But i can certainly do so.

But im afraid to write
Folks might call me crazy...