Saturday, September 02, 2017

A request to stop using polite weasel words and
speak the cold truth for New York’s @RepPeteKing

A invitation from New York Congressman Peter T. King (R) was waiting in my mailbox today. It was for a fundraiser, and included a list of things he is fighting for.

I respect Congressman King, but noticed how weak his language was when talking about North Korea and Iran, MS-13, taxes, and the treatment of police.

We need to call things what they are. It is time to stop describing the deadliest people and worst injustices in muted, inoffensive language. People will not viscerally connect with these real threats, and they certainly will not connect with the leader claiming to fight against them.

(He also never mentioned President Trump and how he plans to partner with him on these issues.)

Below are a series of Tweets I sent Congressman King, with a photo of his letter from my Pinterest GOP pinboard, and some final thoughts below the Tweets.

I will not be at his fundraiser on September 16 (his Web site press release has the date wrong), but I wish him well, encourage those who can to support him, and will make sure I send his office my thoughts.